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To give you a little bit of insight about myself...


I am based in Manjimup, Western Australia (in the south west amongst the giant Karri trees). I was born in Manjimup and have lived here for the last 27 years now.


I love this part of the world which I call home. I love the ocean, a glass of wine, bush walking with my dog (Zeus), looking up at the stars on clear nights and reading a book by the fire on rainy, stormy nights.


I love photography. It gives me ridiculous amounts of joy.

I love watching moments as they unfold and being able to document them as I see them through my view finder. I am not a fan of staged images, I am all about authentic and real moments. I encourage my couples to CHILL, have fun and show me their true selves. I want your wedding images to be a reflection of YOU.

I have cried at every wedding I've photographed, no shame. Each and every wedding is so different, yet they are all so overwhelmingly sentimental. 


I feel honoured when I am asked to capture your precious moments and given the opportunity to be a part of your wedding day.


Drop me a line and let me know what story you would like to have told... here.

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